Nominate peers to review me

Peer reviews are where teammates (that you select) will be asked questions about your development, strengths, and progress. Research shows that using peer feedback for development increases performance, goal orientation, and the growth mindset. This differs from traditional performance appraisals where it’s common for superiors to evaluate their subordinates only.

It is important to note that if the 'peer initiated' peer review option was selected by your review administrator(s), you will not be asked to nominate peers, but will instead be able to write a peer review of any other participant(s) of your choosing without any approval process. For more information on the peer initiated peer review process, see this article

Peer nomination process overview

  • You will nominate peers to review YOU. Your manager or a cycle collaborator can also nominate peers on your behalf if needed. 
  • Peers can be nominated up until the cycle end date or until your review has been finalized- whichever comes first.
  • After you nominate a peer(s), your manager or a cycle collaborator will see the peers you nominated and will either approve or deny the nominations. 
  • Once your manager or a cycle collaborator approves or denies your nominations, the peer you nominated will be asked to accept or decline the nomination. 
  • Before the peer nomination deadline approaches, you should visit your 'Peer nominations' tab to check the status of the nominations you sent and ensure people are taking action.

Nominate peers

1. Click on Best-Self Review® from the left navigation.


2. Click on the name of the cycle you need to work on. It will be under the 'Active review cycles' section.


3. Click on the 'Peer nominations' tab at the top of your page. 


4. And then click on (or ensure you are on) the 'My nominations' tab. If you are not a manager, you will only not see multiple tabs and will land on the 'My nominations' tab by default. 


You can also get to your peer nominations from the 'Overview' page, by clicking the Manage peers button under your to-dos.

5. Using the 'Peers for your review' drop-down menu, select at least 1 peer to nominate. If the review cycle includes only peer reviews, you can nominate anyone to be a peer. If the cycle includes self & manager reviews, you cannot nominate your direct report(s) or your immediate manager as a peer. You also cannot nominate anyone that is excluded from the cycle or from reviews in general.


6. Select your peer(s).


7. Click Submit to send the nominations to your manager for approval. Your manager or a cycle collaborator will approve/deny the nominations and the ball will then be passed to the nominated peer.


8. Now, you wait for your nomination(s) to be approved/denied. And then wait for your peer(s) to accept/decline the nomination(s).


9. At anytime during the review, you can check on a nomination's status using this same 'My nominations' page. In the below example, Nguta and Eugenia have already been approved by the manager and now need to accept/decline the nomination.




You can remove your peer nominations up until your manager or a cycle collaborator approves it. Removing a nomination frees up space for you to nominate someone else if needed. 


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