Change manager review author for a review cycle participant

If you need to change who is writing a review cycle participant's manager review during an active cycle, you can make that change from within the specific cycle. For example, maybe the person reports day to day to their regular 15Five manager, but you want their dotted line manager to complete the manager review for this cycle only. We have a way to do that!

This article covers how to change a person's manager in a review cycle only. In other words, their reviewer in 15Five will remain the same. If you want to change a person's reviewer in 15Five (i.e. the person who reviews their 15Fives) during an active cycle, please reference this article to see what this change will mean for the participant and reviewers.

If you are looking for the ability to add an additional manager for a participant, see this article. Additional managers have viewing permissions into the participant's review results. 



Any changes made on the 'Edit individual settings' page are specific to the cycle at hand. If a reviewer/manager is updated on this page, the change will only be reflected in the review cycle and will not affect 1-on-1s, 15Five check-ins, visibility outside of the cycle, etc.



Only review admins can access the 'Edit individual settings' page.

Change who will write the manager review for a participant

  1. Click on 'Best-Self Review' in the lefthand navigation.

  2. Click on the name of the review cycle you wish to view. (You can also click on the three dots to the right of the cycle name, and then 'View review cycle'.)
  3. You are now on the review cycle's overview page. Make sure you're filtering by 'Participants'. Then you can select additional filters to find the person or people whose managers you'd like to change.

    If you are looking for one specific participant whose manager needs to be changed, you can use the 'Everyone' filter and search for their name.

  4. Choose your desired filter(s) or search and check the results.

    Clicking a participant's name will open their review cycle overview.

  5. Click the '...' next to the employee whose manager needs to be updated, and then click 'Edit individual settings'.

  6. Click 'Edit' next to the 'Manager review'. If the 'Edit' option does not exist, it is because the existing manager has already submitted a manager review of this participant. Please reach out to support if you'd like to remove the submitted manager review.

  7. Use the drop-down menu to select the new manager who will be responsible for writing the participant's manager review. You cannot select a person as the new manager if they're the participant's direct report, if they've already been nominated as a peer reviewer for the participant, or if they are globally excluded from review cycles.

  8. After selecting the new manager for this cycle, click 'Save'.

  9. If the previous manager already has a draft manager review in progress, you will see a pop-up. Please note that changing managers after a draft has been created will remove the draft and create an entirely new manager review for the updated manager. If you are okay with removing the previous manager's draft manager review, click 'Yes, save this new setting'.

  10. You're all set! The new manager will now be asked to complete a manager review of this participant. All other managers/reviewers in 15Five or in other cycles will remain untouched. 

IF UPWARD REVIEWS ARE ALSO INCLUDED IN THE CYCLE: We are assuming that the new manager is also a participant in the cycle and is having upward reviews written of them. When a manager is changed as noted in this walkthrough, the participant's upward review of that previous manager will be removed, leaving the participant with no upward review to complete. If you also want to update who the participant is writing an upward review of (i.e. if you want this participant to write an upward review of this new manager), see this article. You can also reinstate the same previous manager and the participant's upward review draft will reappear. 



Can the manager review of Caitlin be completed by manager Margo and then Caitlin complete her upward review of manager Mitchell? Yes, these two people do not have to be the same.

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