Archive an objective

Archiving an objective will remove the objective from the owner’s Check-in and will allow no further updates on the activity. This process usually is used when an objective is no longer relevant or when the owner no longer wants to see the objective from any past, current, or future view. It is an option that lies between closing an objective and deleting an objective.

Summed up, if you want to remove the objective from view, but don't want to delete the objective, this is a good in-between option.

Archived objectives will appear in their own category on the 'All Objectives' page. You can always reactivate these objectives.



Archived objectives will no longer appear on the objective owner's Check-in.

Archive an objective

1. Click on Objectives from the left navigation.


2. You will land on the 'All objectives' page.


3. Click on the objective you wish to close.


4. Click on the gear icon and then click Archive objective.


5. Read the pop-up and confirm that the objective should be archived. Then click Archive.


6. You do not need to assess an objective when archiving it.


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