How does adding/removing people impact billing?

When you add or remove people from your account in the middle of your subscription, we adjust your billing for you to match the changes. Keep reading to learn more about each case of adding or removing people and how it impacts your invoicing. 

For more information about how your invoices will look when you add new people, see this article.

Adding people to 15Five

If your company has purchased seats that are unoccupied, new people will fill the paid available seats first. If the number of new people added exceeds the number of available seats, then additional seats will be charged for the remainder of your subscription period.

Instead of being charged for the full subscription term, the additional seat(s) are prorated based on the activation date and the time left in your current subscription period. 



15Five will not charge for an invited/new person until the invite is accepted and their account becomes active.

Removing people from 15Five

When people are deactivated, your account will keep the additional seats for the remainder of the subscription. We aren't able to offer refunds or credits for people that are deactivated throughout your subscription. However, we always fill empty seats first before charging for additional seats.

For more information on Billing Terms & Conditions, see this page.

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