Coaching Hub for HR leaders

👥 The Engagement Admin and Organization Admins with Manage Coaching permissions can access the features in this article. For more information about roles in Engage, please see this article.

Coaching Hub is a feature that allows organizations to manage, assign, schedule, and record coaching sessions their organization has purchased from 15Five's Transform Team. This article walks through how HR leaders can utilize the Coaching Hub feature.

Access Coaching Hub

  1. Click on Training & Coaching in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation and then select Coaching Hub from the dropdown options.
  2. You'll be taken to the 'Manage Sessions' page in the Engage portal.

The 'Manage sessions' page

Engagement Admins and Organization Admins in Engage have access to the 'Manage Sessions' page. Here, HR leaders can get real-time updates on the status of each coaching session in their organization, as well as assign coaching sessions to individuals and groups in their organization.

There are two tabs on the 'Manage Sessions' page: 'Sessions' and 'Subscriptions'.

'Sessions' tab

In the 'Sessions' tab, admins can see information for all coaching sessions in their organization, including...

  • Subscription Type: The type of coaching session or series.
  • Session Date: The day the coaching session is scheduled for.
  • Facilitator: The name of the 15Five Facilitator charged with running the session.
  • Participant(s)/Cohort: The names of all coaching participants or the cohort assigned to the coaching session.
  • Focus Area: Once a session is complete, HR Leaders are able to see the main focus area/theme from the session in this field.
  • Status: The status of a coaching session— namely, 'Assigned', 'Scheduled', or 'Completed'.


At the top of the page you'll see three metric boxes: Sessions Completed, Leaders in Coaching, and Available Subscriptions.

  • Sessions Completed lists the number of coaching sessions that your organization has completed. 
  • People in Sessions lists the number of participants that are part of active coaching subscriptions.
  • Available Subscriptions lists the number of unredeemed sessions (i.e. coaching sessions that your organization has paid for but not yet assigned) in your company account. Click View to access the 'Subscriptions' tab of the HR Dashboard, covered in more detail in the next section of this article.

'Subscriptions' tab

The 'Subscriptions' tab of the HR Dashboard lists what coaching sessions an organization has purchased and what sessions are available for them to redeem. This is also the page on which HR leaders can assign coaching sessions to coaching participants.

Under Sessions you will see all standalone, one-off coaching sessions your organization has purchased.

Under Series you will see all recurring coaching series your organization has purchased.


Assign coaching sessions

Engagement and Organization Admins can add coaching participants, as well as assign, schedule edit, track, and review coaching subscriptions.

During the scheduling process, you will be asked to assign participant(s) and, if you're assigning a group session, to select a designated scheduler (in the "Who should schedule sessions" field). The designated scheduler will be responsible for coordinating with all coaching participants to find a time that works for both their group and the Performance Coach.



The person assigned as a designated scheduler must also be a participant in the coaching session.

Monitor coaching outcomes

HR leaders can view coaching themes in real-time via the 'Manage sessions' page, track session completion statuses, and monitor changes in engagement and satisfaction.

View coaching themes and track session completion statuses

Once a session is complete, HR Leaders are able to see the main focus area/theme from the session in the 'Focus Area' column. Having access to this information allows you to see if there are common themes around what’s being discussed in coaching sessions across the organization. You can also see the completion status of any given coaching session in the 'Status' column.

Measure lifts in engagement and performance

HR leaders can also measure the impact that coaching has on their team's engagement using the 15Five platform. Check heatmap reporting for groups in your organization before and after coaching sessions to see the impact that coaching had.

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