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Account admins and people in your managerial hierarchy are able to make changes to your account settings to varying degrees, and you also have the ability to manage some of your own account settings.

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Access account settings

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the top, right-hand corner of 15Five.
  2. Select 'My settings' from the top of the dropdown menu.
  3. You'll land on the 'My information' tab. From here, you can navigate between the other tabs using the top navigation bar.

'My information' tab

In the 'My information' tab, you can edit your individual account settings. Below is a full list of fields that are displayed in the 'My information' tab. Fields that you can edit are marked with an asterisk (*). If a field is greyed out, you either don't have the ability to edit it yourself, or it's being automatically updated via an integration. If this is the case, please reach out to one of your account admins and request that they update the information on your behalf.

Personal Information

  • First name*
  • Last name*
  • Hire date
  • Preferred name*: The name you want to be referred to by. This name will replace your first name throughout 15Five.
  • Pronouns*: The pronouns you identify with. The pronouns you type here will also appear on your profile page, which can be viewed by anyone in your organization.
  • Job title*
  • Employee ID*
  • Email*
  • Password*
  • Location*
  • Timezone*

Additional information

This section of your settings is populated by any custom attributes that have been created for your company, and will only appear if someone in your organization has created custom attributes. Permission for updating custom attributes is set by the account admin that creates the custom attribute.

There are three visibility/editing permissions that can be applied to a custom attribute: 1) account admins only, 2) hierarchy, or 3) everyone that has access to a person's account settings.

Account settings

  • Check-in frequency: How frequently Check-ins are generated for you.
  • Check-in due day: The day of the week your Check-ins are due on.
  • Group membership: Groups you're a member of.
  • Direct manager
  • Default additional manager: A person besides your direct manager that has the ability to write manager reviews about you in Best-Self Review® cycles.
  • Best-Self Review® viewer(s): People who are granted visibility into all of your past, current, and future review results.

'Notifications' tab

Notifications are an important part of 15Five— they allow you to go about your day and alert you when something happens that requires your attention. You can control which notifications you receive from the 'Notifications' tab. If your company is integrated with Slack, you can also opt to receive notifications in your Slack account.

Read more about managing your 15Five notifications.

'Vacations' tab

Vacations in 15Five allow you to skip Check-ins so you won’t receive reminders or accumulate unsubmitted Check-ins during time off. The sole purpose of vacations in 15Five is to skip Check-ins, not as a point of reference for upcoming days off are.

Read more about how to set a vacation for yourself in 15Five.

'Check-in visibility' tab

This tab shows you who has permission to view your Check-ins and whose Check-ins you have permission to view, and will only appear if your company has the Check-ins feature enabled.

Read more about possible reasons a person may have visibility into your Check-ins.

'Security' tab

In the 'Security' tab you can manage personal settings related to signing into 15Five, including setting up two-factor authentication, enabling Google sign-in, and changing your password. If your company uses Single Sign-On (SSO), some or all of these options may be unavailable.

Click into the 'My security audit' tab to see a list of security events related to your 15Five account over the past six months. Security events include sign ins, added vacations, and profile updates.

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