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15Five's Core Platform is made up of continuous performance management features within the 15Five platform.  These core features strengthen the ongoing manager-employee relationship essential to high performance and engagement. In this article, we'll walk through the basics of the features that make up our Core Platform and how they contribute to achieving HR Outcomes within your organization.

In this article, you will learn...

  • What is 15Five's Core Platform?
  • Overviews of the features included in the Core Platform

Access and availability

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πŸ“¦ These features are available in the Perform, Total Platform, and Focus (legacy) pricing packages.

What is 15Five's Core Platform?

Every part of the 15Five platform works cohesively to drive the outcomes that matter more to your organization: maximizing employee performance, increasing employee engagement, and decreasing regrettable turnover.

15Five's Core Platform is made up of features that promote these outcomes in various ways, one of the primary of which is creating effective managers. Those features are:

  • Check-ins
  • 1-on-1s
  • High Fives
  • Feedback
  • Career Hub
  • Homepage
  • Profile

Each of these features was designed with science in mind and can help your organization achieve results that positively impact your bottom line. Continue reading for overviews of our Core Platform features.


15Five Check-ins replace status reports with quick employee feedback through a few questions, taking 15 minutes to fill and 5 minutes for managers to review. (2).jpg

Check-ins help keep people focused on what matters most by prompting them to regularly update priorities, share goal statuses, celebrate wins, and discuss challenges. They're also a great tool to help managers understand how to best support people and progress by enabling more frequent and continuous feedback and coaching.

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15Five's 1-on-1s feature facilitates structured meetings that prioritize alignment and engagement by guiding discussions on priorities, challenges, and progress.


We recommend that managers hold weekly, 30-45 minute 1-on-1s with their direct reports. These conversations should include aspects of relationship building, dialogue about goal progress and growth, feedback that includes appreciation and redirection, and agreements about who will do what by when.

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High Fives

High Fives in 15Five enable employees to recognize each other's achievements and contributions through a simple and positive feedback system.


By integrating High Fives into your daily workflow, you not only champion a culture of gratitude but also foster team solidarity, enthusiasm, and a positive work atmosphere. It takes just a moment to send a High Five, but the ripple effect on team motivation and camaraderie is invaluable.

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15Five's Feedback feature allows employees to provide ad-hoc feedback to foster open communication, collaboration, and growth.

Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 4.43.12 PM.png

Feedback was developed to help people learn non-violent communication through real-time in-app education. Thoughtfully designed with neuroscience in mind, it empowers employees to take charge of their own development by giving them the ability to actively seek or provide feedback on what they want, when they want, and from/to whom they want. When employees initiate and drive the feedback agenda, they’re much more likely to act on it.

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Career Hub

15Five's Career Hub is a simple, powerful way for managers and their team members to co-create a strengths-driven career vision that keeps employees motivated and energized.


Incorporating Career Hub into your employee growth initiatives not only promotes a culture of ambition and learning but also encourages individual empowerment, drive, and a forward-thinking work environment. It takes just a few easy steps to complete Career Hub, but the long-term impact on individual growth and organizational success is immeasurable.

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Your homepage in 15Five is your one-stop destination for a people-centric and action-oriented approach to managing your team and driving business outcomes. It serves as a single place for the actions you need to take to be an effective manager or employee by listing all your priorities, providing real-time insights into how your team is doing, and providing a space for facilitating asynchronous discussions with your team.


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Employee Profile

Employee profiles allow you to add your strengths, preferred working and feedback styles, and more so that your team knows how to best work with you (and you, them!). Within your profile, you can access 15Five's Best-Self Kickoff: a strategic meeting that aims to help employees and managers understand each other and their work needs, building a stronger working relationship. The questions discussed in the Best-Self Kickoff are science-backed and help create psychological safety in employees, as well as increase manager effectiveness: the biggest driver of employee performance, engagement, and retention.


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