Manager Copilot Overview

15Five's Manager Copilot is a chat assistant powered by AI that helps managers be more effective...and makes their lives easier! From helping managers maintain a pulse on their teams to assisting with setting goals and giving feedback and more, Copilot helps managers with their day-to-day work to support their teams and become more effective, human-centered leaders.

Access and availability

👥 This article is relevant to Managers.
📦 This feature is available to Transform seat holders in companies on the Total Platform pricing package.

Available functionalities

Manager Copilot currently helps managers achieve the following tasks, and new functionality is actively being released:

  • Keep a pulse on your team (Homepage): Using data from across the 15Five platform, Manager Copilot generates a summary of how a manager's team is doing and suggests actions and best practices proven to increase employee engagement, performance, and retention.
    Help Center article 💡: Generate a team summary with Manager Copilot
  • Setting goals (Objectives): Using Copilot, managers can draft, improve, and learn more about setting effective goals for themselves and their teams.
    Help Center article 💡: Use Manager Copilot to set effective goals
  • Recognition (High Fives): Managers can use Copilot to draft effective high fives and get advice on giving powerful recognition.
    Help Center article 💡: Use Manager Copilot to recognize my team
  • Feedback (Check-ins): Managers can use Copilot to improve Check-in comments and get advice on giving impactful feedback.
    Help Center article 💡: Use Manager Copilot to review my team's Check-ins
  • 1-on-1 meetings (1-on-1s): Using Copilot, managers can view recommended talking points and receive support around holding effective 1-on-1 meetings.
    Help Center article 💡: Use Manager Copilot to maximize 1-on-1 meetings

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