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In their day-to-day roles, managers are tasked with responsibilities like setting goals, providing feedback, and holding 1-on-1 meetings with their teams— but may not have access to the education, training, and coaching to do these things effectively. Since manager effectiveness is the #1 driver of employee performance, engagement, and retention, it's vital that managers have access to the knowledge they need to be effective. Enter: Manager Copilot.

15Five's Manager Copilot is a chat assistant powered by AI that helps managers be more effective...and makes their lives easier! From helping managers maintain a pulse on their teams to assisting with setting goals and giving feedback and more, Copilot elevates their effectiveness by providing real-time data-driven insights and actionable recommendations that drive team success.

Access and availability

👥 This article is relevant to Managers.
📦 This feature is available to Transform seat holders in companies on the Total Platform pricing package.

Access and interact with Manager Copilot

Copilot is available throughout the 15Five platform to help managers increase their effectiveness.

Managers can access and interact with Copilot in the following ways:

⭐️ Open-chat feedback

Easily accessible in your main navigation, Copilot's open-chat functionality provides feedback on all topics relevant to manager effectiveness.

Copilot's open-chat functionality supports managers by providing answers to all topics relevant to their effectiveness.


When accessing Copilot from your main navigation, you can receive recommended smart prompts, based on the page in 15Five you're on— when you need a quick place to start the conversation. You can also craft your own questions and ask for recommendations on what to do to meet the challenges you're facing with your team.

🕺 Keep a pulse on your team

Generate a real-time summary of key team metrics and receive recommended actions.

Stay connected and informed about your team’s dynamics with the Give me a summary of my team function, located on your homepage.

With this option, you can generate a personalized summary of your team using data from across the 15Five platform. This snapshot not only gives you insight into team performance and engagement levels, but also offers customized suggestions and best practices proven to boost employee engagement, performance, and retention.


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📈 Set effective goals

Get assistance with drafting goals and learn about effective goal-setting frameworks.

Enhance your goal-setting strategies with Copilot— your ideal partner for crafting clear and impactful objectives.

As you create an objective, you can click Draft Objective to provide answers to prompted questions and receive suggestions to create an objective tailored to align perfectly with your team’s needs and aspirations. If you already have a specific goal in mind, simply use the Improve my Objective option to refine it.


For more personalized support, the Ask Copilot about goal-setting function offers expert advice on various goal-setting frameworks, such as SMART and OKR.

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🖐️ Recognize your direct reports

Draft effective high fives and get advice on giving powerful recognition.

Need help writing an impactful high five? Copilot's got your back. Just click Draft High Five and answer prompted questions, then Copilot will deliver a high five custom-catered to your team member.

Plus, you can use the Ask Copilot about recognition function to get advice on giving powerful recognition. Copilot can assist with things like giving words of encouragement when someone is struggling, knowing how best to recognize someone who doesn’t enjoy public attention, or learning about effective recognition frameworks.


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🗯️ Provide feedback

Get assistance with reviewing Check-ins and providing impactful feedback.

When it comes to feedback, managers can use Copilot to spruce up their comments while reviewing check-ins. Just type a comment on any Check-in item and click Improve my comment, and Copilot will provide you with a revamped version that you can copy and paste into the Check-in.


If you need a little extra guidance on giving feedback, the Ask Copilot about feedback function can help. Simply type your question and Copilot will give you research-backed advice about things like creating a thriving work environment, brainstorming ways to connect with teammates during tough times, and diving into non-violent communication, psychological safety, and vulnerability frameworks.

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👩‍💻 Hold meaningful 1-on-1 meetings

View recommended talking points and learn more about how to make the most of 1-on-1s.

Looking for guidance on your upcoming 1-on-1? Copilot is here to help. Just click Recommend Talking Points from a current 1-on-1 agenda and Copilot will provide you with tailored suggestions perfect for your meeting needs.

Plus, you can use the Ask Copilot about 1-on-1s function to get tips on conducting effective meetings. Whether you're addressing challenges, encouraging growth, or simply connecting on a personal level, Copilot can help you navigate these conversations with confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why don't I see Manager Copilot in my account?

Manager Copilot is only available to managers assigned Transform seats in our Total Platform pricing package.

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