What is the 1-on-1 agenda?

In 15Five, the 1-on-1 agenda allows you to enhance and streamline your one-on-one meetings and record the most important learnings all in one place. It is a place for two people, usually a manager and direct report, but can also be two teammates. The agenda allows both people to add and track talking points, action items, and notes—following in line with 15Five's focus on continuous feedback. In this article, we break down each component of the 1-on-1 agenda and the functionality within. 

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Talking points

Meeting participants can add talking points directly to the 1-on-1 agenda at any time before the meeting. Talking points added will appear on the other person's agenda in real time. Collaboration FTW! Notice: Talking points can be added by either person included in the 1-on-1. 

Unchecked talking points will carry over to your next 1-on-1 agenda without any intervention! These unchecked items will appear in the 'Talking points' section again.

Checked off/discussed talking points will still disappear from the following 1-on-1 agenda, as they have been talked about and checked off the list. 


Answers added from Check-ins are now included in the 'Talking points' section of your 1-on-1.

Important insights or answers can be pulled directly from a Check-in into a 1-on-1 meeting agenda for further focus and discussion. Upon adding an item to your 1-on-1 agenda, rename the talking point with a title that's easy to remember, since that title will appear on your 1-on-1. Below is a screenshot of a Check-in whose answer is being pulled into a 1-on-1 agenda.



Action items 

Note any action items that need to be accomplished between this meeting and the next, and assign them to an owner to denote responsibility. In order to assign an action item to the other person, click on the avatar to the left of the text field and select the other person. Action items can be added any time before the 1-on-1 is ended. Action items added will appear on the other person's agenda in real time. Collaboration station!

These action items will take one of two paths after your 1-on-1 is ended. 1- Unchecked action items from the current agenda will appear under the 'Previous action items' section on the following 1-on-1. 2- Completed/checked action items will not appear on the following 1-on-1.

We also have a section called 'Action items', which is for adding action items for the current 1-on-1. 

A list of previous and current action items, along with owners, will be emailed to the participants once the 1-on-1 has ended. 




Leave shared and/or private notes about this meeting. Private notes are only be visible to the person who added them, and will not be included in the summary email. Shared notes will be included in the summary email and can be edited anytime—even after the 1-on-1 has been ended.




An email will be sent to both 1-on-1 parties following this meeting with a summary of all talking points, action items, and any shared notes. Private notes will not be included in any emails. 

1-on-1s between a manager and direct report will be automatically created as soon as the previous 1-on-1 has ended. If the 1-on-1 is not between a manager and direct report, a new 1-on-1 will need to be created manually.

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For detailed information about how to use this feature and feature permissions, see this guide.

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