Complete, share, & finalize summaries

Once the self and manager reviews have been completed and the start sharing reviews milestone has passed, the summary portion of the review will open up for the manager to begin work on. Though the summary may be open, there may still be peer and/or upward reviews in progress. Best practice is to give everyone time to submit their reviews before writing and sharing the summary. There will be pop-up messages that appear if you try to share or finalize before all reviews are submitted. If there are outstanding peer or upward reviews, we suggest nudging those writers and not sharing/finalizing until all reviews have been submitted. 

The summary is a condensed version of all reviews that were conducted on the participant at hand. We do suggest that managers use the information on all reviews to guide the summary and final meeting. In other words, use the reviews as resources for the summary. This is especially important when peer and/or upward reviews are hidden from the participant—since the verbatim feedback will not be shared with the participant, it is your responsibility as the manager to ensure the peer and upward feedback is included in the summary of answer and the final development conversation. Summaries should be shared and finalized by the 'Finalize by' deadline.



While the results of a cycle should be shared prior to (or right before) the final meeting, 15Five strongly suggests that the final meeting take place before finalizing the results of the review cycle.

Ideal order of events

  • All reviews are submitted.
  • If your company holds calibration sessions, now is the time to complete and lock them in—before the sharing is allowed to begin.
  • The 'Start sharing reviews' window has opened. 
  • You (the manager) complete the initial summary for your direct report, including all peer and upward feedback that might be hidden from the participant. Remember to complete the notes and the 'Private Manager Assessment' portion of your manager review too!
  • You (the manager) share the submitted reviews with your direct report using the Share review button at the bottom of the summary. The sharing option will share the submitted reviews with your direct report and will lock the already submitted self, peer, and manager reviews from being edited. After sharing, you will still be able to edit the private manager assessment and summary up until finalizing.
  • We do not recommend sharing AND finalizing before the final meeting. The reason being, if results are shared and finalized before the meeting, the summary and private manager assessment will no longer be editable during or after the meeting. It's helpful to meet with your direct report before finalizing those sections of the review.
  • If you are an additional manager for a participant, you will be able to view the summary when it is shared. Anyone that you are an additional manager for will appear under the 'My team' filter on the cycle overview page. Use the same steps as below to view submitted summaries.


The private manager assessment is never visible to the participant; even when results are shared and/or finalized.

  • Hold the final meeting. This meeting should address the content of all reviews, even those that have not been shared verbatim. Add on to or revise the summary itself, your notes, and your private manager assessment (if necessary).
  • Once you've made all desired edits to the summary, notes, and private manager assessment, finalize the results with your direct reports. After Finalize results has been clicked, editing and submitting will no longer be allowed for any fields.

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Complete, share, and finalize the results for your team

1. Click on Best-Self Review® in the left navigation of 15Five.


2. From the 'Review cycles' tab, click on the active cycle that you're working on.


3. From the 'Overview' tab, you will see a filter with options Me, My team, My hierarchy, and Everyone. Depending on your role and the visibility settings for the cycle, you may not see My hierarchy, and Everyone.


4. Select the My team option.


5. Scroll down to 'Review progress' section for your team, click the ... next to the participant whose reviews and summary you want to view, and then click View. (You can also click the name of the participant to open their reviews.)


It is important to note that calibration sessions may be taking place during this time. Sharing may be disabled until calibration sessions have been completed. 

6. The last tab will be titled 'Summary'. Complete this summary using the previously submitted reviews about your direct report. The Summary tab will show a lock icon until the self and manager reviews have been completed for the participant and the 'Start sharing by' date has passed. 


7. If desired, once on this page you can remove any answers you would prefer not to appear on the shared results with the review cycle participant. To do so, click the "..." next to the answer you want to remove from shared results and select 'Remove from shared results' from the dropdown menu:


8. After entering your initial thoughts in the summary fields, click Share review. Sharing reviews releases submitted review information to the participant—summary notes, private answers, and private manager assessment information is not shared. This step should take place before the final meeting is held.


Pay attention to the tip that appears. It reminds you what sharing reviews means.


9. Next, it's time to hold the final meeting with your direct report(s). The two of you can go over the review information that has recently been shared. After this meeting takes place, managers can still edit the summary, add additional information, revise any notes, and make any changes needed to the private manager assessment.

10. When the summary is ready to be finalized, click on Finalize results.


Pay extra attention to the tip that pops up. Finalizing results will restrict any outstanding reviews from being submitted for this person.


11. You're done! This participant's review is complete and your steps as their manager are finished. 

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