Enable/disable Career Hub

This article walks through how to enable/disable 15Five's Career Hub feature, as well as suggested steps to take before enabling Career Hub. Career Hub is a feature in 15Five that enables managers and employees to have productive career growth conversations through exercises in role clarity, strengths discovery, and career visioning.

Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to Career Hub and Feature settings.
👥 This article is relevant to account admins.
📦 This feature is available in the Perform and Total Platform pricing packages.

Enable/disable Career Hub

  1. Click on the settings gear in the top right corner of 15Five.
  2. Select 'Features' from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click 'Features overview'.
  4. Scroll down to the "Career Hub" section and toggle the switch to "on". If you'd like to disable Career Hub, toggle the switch to "off".

Recommended steps before enabling Career Hub

Make sure job titles are accurate in individual profiles

In the first step of Career Hub, employees are asked to reflect on how energizing they find different aspects of their job description. Job descriptions can be uploaded in bulk by account admins (see steps in the next section of this article), but they will only be matched up with a person's Career Hub if the job title that's listed for that person in their profile matches that in the bulk import CSV exactly.

That said, before launching Career Hub we suggest checking that job titles listed in employee profiles are accurate. You can do this by exporting a CSV of all individual profiles in your company and checking the job_description row for each person. If any changes need to be made, you can make them directly to that export CSV and then re-import it. The changes will be reflected in 15Five immediately upon completion of the import.

Upload job descriptions and responsibilities

Career Hub contains exercises in role clarity, strengths discovery, and career visioning— and all of these exercises are based on the job description and responsibilities associated with a person’s role. Therefore,  it’s important for job descriptions and responsibilities to be uploaded to 15Five prior to launching Career Hub in your organization.

You can read more about what job descriptions and responsibilities are, as well as how to upload them, in our “Upload and manage job information” Help Center article. Account admins can upload this information in bulk for everyone in their organization, and managers can upload them one-off for their direct reports in the ‘Role clarity’ tab of Career Hub.

Upload competencies & career paths

Check out our “Upload and manage competencies" and "Create a career path" Help Center articles for more information.

Have your managers hold Best-Self Kickoffs with their direct reports

We suggest having managers complete Best-Self Kickoffs with their direct reports before enabling Career Hub. The Best-Self Kickoff is a precursor to Career Hub in many ways and can help direct employees as they go through the process of filling out their Career Hub.

Decide what strengths assessments you want to use

In the ‘Strengths’ section of Career Hub, employees are asked to reflect on their top strengths. The strengths assessment that is hard-coded into this section is VIA Character Strengths. If you’d like for employees to add strengths from other strengths assessments, they can do so one-off using the ‘Additional’ tab. We suggest identifying the assessments that you’d like employees to use before launching the feature so they have the opportunity to take the desired assessments.

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