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Adding people to 15Five is quick and easy with just a few simple steps. In this article, you'll learn about the three methods you have to add new people to 15Five: either one-off, in bulk via CSV import, or via an integration. By default, account admins and managers can invite new people to 15Five. Account admins can limit this ability in company settings (in-app link).

Access and availability

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Add a new person to 15Five

One-off Via bulk import Using an integration
  1. Click the 'Settings' gear in the top, right-hand corner of 15Five.
  2. Select 'Add a person' (in-app link) from the dropdown menu.


    If your company is integrated with a user management software, you may not see this option. Please refer to the integration article for steps on how to add someone to 15Five.

  3. Use the form to fill in details for the individual you want to add to 15Five. The only required fields are 'First name', 'Last name', and 'Email'.
  4. Decide how you want the invited person to access 15Five. There are three options.
    • If you want them to immediately have access to 15Five, make sure the 'Start date' field is set to today's date and the 'Send invite email' box is checked. An invite email that contains a magic link to log in will go out when you click Save.
    • If you want to delay their access to 15Five until a specific date, set the 'Start date' field to the date you want the person to have access and make sure the 'Send invite email' box is checked. An invite email that contains a magic link to log in will go out at 8 AM in the employee's timezone on their start date.
    • If you want to manually invite the person to log in at a later date, add a start date in the future and make sure the 'Send invite email' box is unchecked. Once you click Save, this person will be added to the 'Created people' tab (in-app link) of the 'Manage people' page. You can manually send them an invite email that contains a magic link to log in at any time by clicking Send invitation.
  5. Confirm user settings, then click Save or Save and add another.


If you see an error that says "User with this email already exists", that means the person's email is already associated with a 15Five account. In this case, you may simply need to reactivate them (in-app link).

Some things to consider

Billing for invited users

15Five will not charge for created or pending individuals. You will not see a charge until the invite is accepted and the individual becomes active. Billing for the new individual(s) is prorated based on the activation date and the time left in your current subscription period.

Help Center article 💡: How does adding/removing people impact billing?

Invitation limits

If a maximum user limit is set in your company's settings (in-app link), you will receive an error when adding seats that surpass the max number. The error can be rectified by either deactivating active 15Five accounts or increasing your company's maximum user limit.

Expired invites

Invites will expire after 30 days. If the invite expires, you need to reactivate the person via the 'Deactivated' tab (in-app link) of the 'Manage people' page. Invite emails will be sent immediately unless you specify a start date in the future or unless company invite settings (in-app link) are set up to not send out invite emails.

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