Manage my received feedback

You've sent off a feedback request or two. Now it's time to manage the feedback that you are getting back from your teammates. You will get an in-app and email notification when your teammate(s) have submitted their feedback. This article will walk you through how to view received feedback and even how to share with your manager after the fact.

View responses to a feedback request

1. Click on Request Feedback from the left navigation.


You can also access your feedback response(s) by clicking on the email link or in-app notification. 

2. On the 'Request Feedback' page, you will see a list of all feedback that you have requested and have responded to. To see only the feedback you have received, use the filters to select your name and sent.


Now the list should only include the requests that you sent and the feedback you received from others. Each feedback request has the permission details at the bottom, as well as the status of the incoming feedback. For example: 'Awaiting responses', or if feedback has been submitted, the feedback will be displayed. 

3. To view responses to a specific feedback request, click ... to the right of the feedback and then click View full feedback.


Use this feedback to shape a self-development objective, create a priority, or add to your 1-on-1 agenda. Refer back to this feedback anytime for a refresher of your strengths and where you still have room to grow. 🌱

Share feedback with my manager after the fact

When you requested feedback, you had an option to share the feedback you receive with your manager. If you didn't share it initially, you can share it after the fact. 

Click ... to the right of the feedback you want to share with your manager and then click Share with my manager.


If your manager changes at any point in the future, you can also share the results of any Request Feedback request with your new manager by following the steps above.



If you want to print a specific feedback request and its responses, use "command+p" or "ctrl+p". The preview and print will be a copy of what you see on your screen. In the future, we hope to add additional reporting and print capabilities to the Feedback feature.

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