Hidden Attributes

This article walks through add custom attributes for filtering data and define who has access to these results. Hidden Attributes allow some segments of results to only be viewed by specific leaders.

  • If you have a use case for adding a hidden attribute, reach out to support@15five.com to coordinate the addition. When you request the hidden attribute, you'll need to indicate which leaders should have access to it. (The person administrating the employee list and data for populating the values for each employee will also need to have access to the group.)
  • How to initially assign hidden attribute values to employees. Hidden attributes must be initially assigned by using the bulk import tool. Once the hidden attribute has been created by 15Five's support or implementation team, it will appear in the employee export for those Organization Admins who have been granted access to it.
  • How to change or update hidden attribute assignments. Once the initial import has been done, hidden attributes can be modified via bulk export/import or on the employee's profile page.
  • Permitted leaders can see Hidden Attributes. Leaders with permissions to the Hidden Attribute data can access the data through Filters, on the Compare list on the Overview tab, or on the Heatmap tab.
  • Hidden Attributes are unavailable to all other leaders. All other leaders will not be able to see data related to the hidden attributes when viewing results.
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