HR Outcomes Dashboard: Feature Overview

The HR Outcomes Dashboard is your command center for strategic HR, allowing you to measure impact, get insights, and assign actions— all in one place. This article walks you through the basics of the HR Outcomes Dashboard and provides resources you can use to configure, populate, and begin driving impact using the dashboard. Let's dive in.

In this article, you will learn...

Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to the HR Outcomes Dashboard.
👥 This article is relevant to roles and individuals assigned access to the Outcomes Dashboard and MEI. 
📦 This feature is available in the Total Platform pricing package.


What is the HR Outcomes Dashboard?

Here at 15Five, we understand that working in HR can be tough. You run a performance review or engagement survey...and then what? If you don't know where to take action or how to prove the impact of your efforts, you can end up feeling lost in a maze of repetitive tactics. Enter: 15Five's HR Outcomes Dashboard.

15Five's HR Outcomes Dashboard is your command center for strategic HR. It's a one-stop shop for measuring outcomes, gathering insights, and taking actions that connect your performance management programs to business outcomes. And, it helps you drive bigger results from existing people programs— without adding more to your plate!

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The HR Outcomes Dashboard offers...

  • Executive Level Insights: Advanced dashboards with demographic and performance filters provide executive-level insights, trending data visualizations, and impactful reporting.
  • Strategic Action Planning: Streamlined planning and campaign creation for strategic action deployment and enhanced tracking to ensure manager accountability.
  • Manager Empowerment At Scale: AI-assisted support and customizable learning journeys enable managers to effectively scale their impact and drive team performance.
  • AI-powered Recommendations: The HR Outcomes Dashboard uses responsive AI to surface tailored recommendations for action based on your existing flow of data.

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Roles and visibility

By default, account admins and HR admins can view and interact with the HR Outcomes Dashboard. Account admins can remove access for account admins or HR admins, as well as add additional individuals they want to have access to the HR Outcomes Dashboard in configuration settings (in-app link). Read more about configuring the HR Outcomes Dashboard.

How it works

  1. Collect data. Get data signals from performance reviews, goals, engagement surveys, check-ins & 1-on-1s, and your connected HRIS.
  2. Explore insights. Identify areas for improvement and see insights by groups and demographic data.
  3. View recommendations. Receive tailored recommendations for action based on your unique situation and data mix.
  4. Create Action Plans. Assign recommended actions to individual managers and team leaders, right in the flow of work.
  5. Measure impact. Track progress on assigned actions, create accountability, and showcase the impact of HR intiaitives to the C-suite.

Key components

⚙️ Custom configuration options

Configure the dashboard to choose what factors you want to contribute to outcome scores— ensuring that scores are specific to your company's needs and usage of 15Five.


🔍 Filtering options

Dashboard filters allow you to dig into outcomes data for specific cohorts of employees. Quickly and easily visualize how subsets of your organization are performing with regard to Manager Effectiveness, Engagement, Performance, and Turnover.


📊 Outcome Scorecards

Outcome Scorecards show how your organization is performing in Manager Effectiveness, Engagement, Performance, and Turnover. Easily view trending data to see how scores change over time, and apply filters to see how the outcomes performance of specific cohorts compare to your organization as a whole.




If your organization doesn't yet have data for outcome scores, the scorecards will display in a default empty state. As you collect relevant data in 15Five, the scores will become more accurate and actionable.

📈 Data Insights

Elevate your strategic oversight with advanced dashboards and filters you can easily share across your leadership team. Visualize organizational trends and outcomes with impactful reporting, designed for better decision-making and alignment.


🤖 AI-powered recommendations

The HR Outcomes Dashboard uses responsive AI to surface tailored recommendations for action based on your unique situation and data mix.


📝 Action Plans

Action Plans empower HR leaders with a way to more effectively design, execute, and measure strategies that drive tangible improvements in performance, engagement, and retention.


With Action Plans, you can...

  • Craft campaigns that target key areas for improvement;
  • Assign actions like targeted 1-on-1 talking points and manager enablement courses directly to relevant managers, incorporating recommended actions;
  • Define specific metrics to track the effectiveness of the plan, such as engagement scores, eNPS, and turnover rates;
  • Promote accountability by tracking the progress of assigned actions in real-time;
  • See how the progression of your Action Plan impacts outcomes within your organization
🌟 Manager Effectiveness Indicator

The HR Outcomes Dashboard is fully integrated with our Manager Effectiveness Indicator dashboard, which gives you detailed insight into the effectiveness and impact of your managers by actively measuring both skills and behaviors across the organization, from groups and cohorts down to individual leaders. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are scores calculated?

The outcomes contained in the HR Dashboard Data are calculated based on the following usage from features across the 15Five platform. As your organization continues to utilize 15Five, the data in the dashboard will become richer.

  • Manager Effectiveness: Behavioral data (1-on-1s, Check-ins, High Fives, etc.) and assessment data (Engagement surveys or Best-Self Review® cycles written by the people who work for that manager).
  • Engagement: Engagement survey data (Engage) and pulse score data (Check-ins).
  • Performance: % of top performance based on ratings (Best-Self Review®), % of top performers based on an opinion-scale review question (Best-Self Review®), goal attainment (Objectives).
  • Turnover: Termination data (people settings).

Read more about outcome calculations and configuring the HR Outcomes Dashboard.

Who can see the HR Outcomes Dashboard?

The HR Outcomes Dashboard is only available to Total Platform Customers.

By default, Account admins and HR admins can see the dashboards, but visibility can be customized to suit your organization's needs. Account admins can manage role-based access and grant access to specific individuals.

Help Center article 💡: Manage visibility for the HR Outcomes Dashboard

What's new in the June 11th HR Outcomes Dashboard release?

Executive Level Insights:

  • Advanced dashboards with demographic and performance filters.
  • Trending data visualizations and impactful reporting.
  • Comprehensive filtering by demographics, attributes, and more.

Strategic Action Planning:

  • Streamlined action plan creation and campaign deployment.
  • Dynamic calls to action with data-driven recommendations.

Empowering Managers at Scale:

  • AI-assisted analysis of engagement driver data and eNPS.
  • Customizable learning journeys for managerial impact.
How should I use the HR Outcomes Dashboard to build credibility with my team/other leaders?
  • Leverage data to drive decisions. Regularly use the HR Outcomes Dashboard and analytics to identify trends and issues, such as turnover rates and engagement level. Demonstrating your ability to interpret and act on this data can establish you as a thoughtful leader committed to evidence-based decision-making.
  • Address Challenges Proactively, use insights gained from the platform to address potential problems before they escalate. Implement targeted action plans and monitor their effectiveness, showing that you’re not just aware of the issues, but also capable of resolving them.
  • Measure impact and regularly review and report the outcomes of implemented strategies using the HR Outcomes Dashboard. Sharing results with your team and other leaders not only highlights the effectiveness of your actions but also demonstrates your commitment to transparency and accountability.
I don’t use 15Five for reviews. Why is the HR Outcomes Dashboard still valuable for me?

Even if you don’t use 15Five for reviews, the HR Outcomes Dashboard still holds considerable value for managing and improving various aspects of HR. Some examples are:

  • Data-Driven Insights: The HR Outcomes Dashboard provides detailed insights into key HR metrics like employee turnover and engagement levels. These insights help you understand the underlying dynamics of your organization and can help guide strategic decision-making.
  • Identify Early Warning Signs: Regular monitoring of the HR Outcomes Dashboard can help identify potential issues before they become bigger problems. For example, if you notice a sudden dip in engagement scores or an increase in turnover rates, you can investigate and address these issues proactively.

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