April 2023 - 15Five releases

New roles for sharing/finalizing review results

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Review admins can now give more people the capability to share and finalize a participant's review results on the participant's "Edit Individual Settings" page. This role is called "sharing user." Released 4/25/23.

Help Center article 💡: Edit individual settings for a participant

Changes to manager review logic when managers are changed during an active review cycle

Feature: Best-Self Review®

If a review cycle participant's manager is changed mid-cycle and the previous manager already submitted their manager review, the submitted manager review will remain in 15Five (in the past, these manager reviews were removed). The new manager will also be given the ability to share and finalize the review submitted by the previous manager. Released 4/25/23.

Help Center article 💡: Update managers during an active review cycle

"My courses" widget on the 'My team' Dashboard

Feature: Training & Coaching

Managers who are participants in Online learning will now see a “My courses” widget on the 'My team' Dashboard to help them stay on track with their learnings. Released 4/21/23.

Help Center article 💡: Use the 'My team' Dashboard

Delete custom tracks

Feature: Training & Coaching

Admins can now delete custom tracks they have created if they are not used in an existing journey. Released 4/20/23.

Help Center article 💡: Create a custom Transform Track

View Question Templates from different employee perspectives

Feature: Best-Self Review®

As a part of our work on the role-based competencies release, we realized that review admins needed visibility into the way review questions would appear to different people in different roles. With this release, we've given review admins the ability to view a question template from the perspective of different review participants and different review types. Released 4/20/23.

Help Center article 💡: View question templates from employee perspectives

iOS version 3.9.0

Feature: Mobile

Improvements: Enhanced experience for filling out Check-ins with a new multiple composer; support of Check-ins being on/off by Groups; bug fixes. Released 4/19/23.

Help Center article 💡: Download the 15Five iOS app

Define, manage, and assess role-based competencies

Feature: Best-Self Review®

Role-based competencies are the skills, knowledge, abilities, and key behaviors required to effectively perform a specific role or job within an organization. They are specific to the job and can vary from one role to another. With this release, we've made it possible to create role-specific competencies and include competency-specific assessment questions in Best-Self Review® cycles. Released 4/17/23.

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Ability to disable the Check-ins feature

Feature: Check-ins

Account admins now have the ability to disable the Check-ins feature in feature settings. Released 4/12/23.

Help Center article 💡: Enable/disable Check-ins

Android version 2.14.1

Feature: Mobile

Fixes: We fixed the comment representation on the High Fives screen.

Improvements: We added a 'Submit' button to the top of the Check-in screen to make it easier to submit your Check-in. We added a 'Remind' button to the 'My Team' Check-ins tab for managers, so they can easily notify their direct reports to submit Check-ins. Released 4/11/23.

Help Center article 💡: Download the 15Five Android app

Changes in question summary share

Feature: Best-Self Review®

In the past, if a manager or review admin chose to hide verbatim feedback from review cycle participants and, instead, write a summary of answers, those summaries were only visible once review results were finalized. Now, all question summaries are visible to participants when their review results are shared with them. This isn't dependent on any other visibility settings in review cycle. Released 4/3/23.

Help Center article 💡: Complete, share, & finalize summaries

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