Manage company features

👥 Only account admins can manage company features.

This article walks through how to manage company-wide feature settings for your team.

Access company feature settings

  1. Click on the 'Settings' gear in the top right-hand corner of 15Five.
  2. Select Features from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click 'Features overview'.
  4. You will see a list of settings, organized by feature.
    Some settings are turned on by default, based on the plan your company has purchased, and cannot be disabled. The status next to these features will show as "On" and you won't see a toggle or a Configure button next to them.
    All other settings will have a toggle button and/or a Configure button next to them. For those with a toggle button, clicking the toggle to "on" or "off" will enable or disable the feature, respectively. Clicking Configure next to a setting will open up advanced options.

Overview of company features


  • Question bankOur question bank is enabled by default and includes research-backed questions you can add to Check-ins.
  • Unlimited HistoryBy default, access to past Check-ins is enabled. This allows your team to access prior Check-ins.
  • Question Queue: Set up a question queue to keep Check-ins fresh. Our 'question queue' tool allows you to rotate new questions on your team's Check-ins each reporting period.
  • Pulse CheckTo monitor trends, ask your team how they are feeling at work every week.
  • PrioritiesPriorities are short-term tasks you set in your Check-in. You set priorities for the upcoming reporting period and check off the priorities that you set in your previous Check-in. You can even link priorities to objectives
  • Custom Due DatesIndividuals in your company can have custom due days for their Check-ins In other words, not everyone must submit their Check-ins on the same day of the week- anyone who can edit a person's profile can set a custom Check-in due date for them.
  • Metric QuestionsAsk metric questions to collect quantitative data that you can report on using the Trends dashboard. You have the option to ask numerical questions, rating scale questions, or Yes/No questions. 
  • AttachmentsYou can allow attachments to your team's Check-ins. This setting can be toggled on or off.
  • Smart GroupsIf you want to to automatically create groups for managers that contain all of their direct reports, use Smart Groups. This feature makes it easy for managers to add questions for their team, filter reporting by their direct reports, and manage settings for their team.

For additional Check-in customization options, go to the Check-in Feature Settings page.


  • 1-on-1s: Have 1-on-1 meetings with others in your company.

For additional 1-on-1 customization options, go to the 1-on-1 Feature Settings page.

High Fives

  • Give High FivesLet your team give praise to one another.
  • High Five FeedYour team can have a live feed of High Fives that are given and received.
  • Leaderboard: The leaderboard allows your team to see who is giving and receiving the most High Fives.
  • Unlimited History: Allow your team to see all public high fives that have ever been given in your company's history.

For additional High Five customization options, go to the High Five Feature Settings page.


  • Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)Set company-wide, group, individual, or self-development goals and align them with measurable key results.
  • Objectives tags: Allow an additional layer of organization for your objectives. Ideal for customers who want to be able to easily see who is working on Objectives that are related to specific, shared themes.

For additional Objectives customization options, go to the Objectives Feature Settings page.


  • Best-Self Review®15Five's review feature: a revolutionary new performance management practice that shifts the context for employees from one where they are judged and graded, to being supported on their journey of continued success.

For additional Best-Self Review® customization options, go to the Best-Self Review® Feature Settings page.


  • Engagement+Measure the engagement of your team! Please note: this feature will be sunset in 2022. To measure the engagement of your organization, check out our new Engage feature, powered by Emplify.

Career Hub

  • Career Hub: A strengths-based approach to employee development that enables managers and employees to have productive career growth conversations through exercises in role clarity, strengths discovery, and career visioning. If this option is 'On' everyone in your company will see the 'Career Hub' button in the main, lefthand navigation of 15Five.

For additional Career Hub customization options, go to the Career Hub Settings page.

Engage and Transform

  • Engagement: Turning 'on' this option will cause the 'Engagement' button to appear in the main, lefthand navigation of 15Five. Clicking this button will log you in and redirect you to our Engagement platform, hosted in Emplify, via SSO. This option is 'off' by default.
  • Coaching Hub: A feature, hosted in Emplify, that allows organizations to manage, assign, schedule, and record coaching sessions their organization has purchased from 15Five's Transform Team. This option will be 'off' by default. Turning this option 'on' will cause the 'Coaching Hub' button to appear in the main, lefthand navigation of 15Five for everyone in your company.

Request Feedback

  • Request Feedback: Allow people in your organization to request solicited feedback from their peers.


  • About: Manage the prompts and sections that appear on individuals' profile pages. 
  • Best-Self Kickoff: A meeting between a person and their manager that's comprised of two parts: relationship building (individual and interpersonal expectations) and role clarity. 

For additional Profile customization options, go to the Profile Feature Settings page.


  • Direct Access from EmailFor your convenience, you can enable to have limited direct access to answers through your email enabled for your company. So instead of having to log in, you will be taken directly to the answer and be able to respond right away. This feature allows your team to take quick action on answers (liking, commenting, etc.) that have been emailed to them without requiring them to log in.
  • MentionsYou can enable group notifications and mentions or enable @all mentions so that everyone can be notified in a comment, answer, or high five.
  • FollowersBy default, this feature is enabled which means that a user can send a follow request to another team member and once approved gain visibility into their Check-ins.

People Attributes

  • Demographic Attributes: Only HR admins will see this option. Turning this toggle on causes demographic attributes (Birth date, Ethnicity, Gender, Race, & Salary) to appear on user settings pages. These fields are meant to secure sensitive information about employees to enable HR Admins to report on key employee trends in 15Five through the lens of their workforce’s demographics.

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