Set priorities and track accomplishments

The Priorities section on your Check-in provides an easy way to hold yourself accountable and acknowledge progress on a regular basis. Priorities in 15Five are short-term goals/tasks that follow the cadence of your Check-in reporting; if you report weekly, you will have weekly priorities. Think of priorities as a work to-do list. During your first Check-in, you will only see the question 'What do you intend to accomplish between now and your next Check-in?' After your first Check-in is submitted, you will see current priorities and priorities for the coming week/two weeks/month on the following Check-ins. 


Set priorities

On your current Check-in, you will see a question asking about your priorities for the upcoming period, "What do you intend to accomplish between now and your next Check-in?"—or something along those lines. List your priorities for the coming days or weeks in the field below. 


On your next Check-in, you’ll see the previously added priorities listed just below the Pulse section. You can reference this list throughout the Check-in period to remind yourself of your top priorities and keep focused. 


Add an additional priority to your current Check-in

There’s a space where you can list the things you’re proud of finishing (but hadn’t planned for on when filling out your previous Check-in). Simply click Add a new priority and fill in the field with your accomplishment.


Manage my priorities week after week

After each Check-in is submitted, you will be asked to update the completion/incompletion of your previously added priorities. You can also edit or carry the priority over to your next Check-in. 

Mark a priority as "complete"

Any time you complete a task on the list, click the circle to the left of the priority to mark it "complete." Complete meaning you were able to accomplish the task during the Check-in period.


Leave a priority "incomplete"

If a priority has not been completed when you're ready to submit your Check-in, leave it be; it will appear in a grey state. This means the priority wasn't completed during the Check-in period. Incomplete priorities won't carry over to the next Check-in unless you specifically carry them over.


Edit or delete a priority

You can edit a priority at any time by clicking in the text box and making the desired changes. If you need to delete a priority that was previously added, just click into the field and delete the entire text. Edits and deleted priorities will be tracked under 'Edit history'.


Carry a priority over to your next 15Five

If you want an incomplete or unfinished priority to appear again on your next check-in, just click the ‘cycle’ icon next to that item and give yourself a little more time.




If you do not mark a priority as complete or manually carry it over, it will not roll over into the next Check-in automatically. 

Interact with your priorities

Before you submit your Check-in, you can make comments on priorities, link priorities with Objectives in 15Five, or @mention others in your priorities!
After you submit your Check-in, you can mark priorities for follow-up, add them to your 1-on-1 agenda, or add to your wins and challenges.




Remember that 15Five will automatically save any additions made to your Check-in, even if you don’t submit it right away. Visit it daily and keep things updated little-by-little.

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