Who are my 15Five account administrators?

There are several different roles in 15Five that have varying levels of permissions—account administrator, reviewer, reporter, to name a few. As a reporter or reviewer, you don't have permission to change company settings, but your company has designated account administrators who can make changes on your behalf. If you need help making an update that is only available to account administrators, this article will help you figure out who can help.

Access a list of your company's account administrators

You can see a list of your company's account administrators any time by logging into your 15Five account and clicking here. You should see a screen that looks something like this:


You can also get to this view by checking out your company directory and clicking Filter by admins.




Do you need to add additional account administrators? See this article on how to add someone as an account administrator in 15Five.

Account administrator permissions

Designated account administrators can do the following:

  • Update and change billing information
  • Change people's reviewers
  • Reactivate people
  • Deactivate people
  • Change or add company-wide questions
  • Access SSO and SCIM configurations
  • Manage all features and integrations
  • Create company-wide questions
  • Create groups/group types and adjust group questions
  • Enable features like Priorities and Objectives
  • Turn off or on Pulse checks
  • Access Check-in and Metric Dashboards
  • Adjust account settings and limitations
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