Actions Overview

Actions in 15Five are your personalized path to productivity and impact. From the Actions List section of your homepage in 15Five, you can view all of the tasks you need to accomplish in one, central location. In this article, we'll walk through the various types of Actions that appear on your homepage.

Access and availability

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What are Actions?

Actions allow you to prioritize tasks, engage in impactful conversations, and remove obstacles. You can view the Actions you're responsible for in your Actions List, located on your homepage.


Action Categories and Types

There are three categories of actions that may appear in your Actions List, each of which contain different Action types:

  • User actions: Actions created manually by leaders or individuals.
  • System actions: Actions created by 15Five that connect to other 15Five features and help drive HR Outcomes.
  • Bulk actions: Actions that leaders can assign to managers in bulk.
User Actions System Actions Bulk Actions

User Actions are Actions that are manually created by leaders or individuals. Learn how to create a User Action for yourself or someone else.

There are three types of User Actions that you can add to your Actions List:

📋 Actions

Actions are tasks that you need to complete. You can create either public or private actions. Actions that require further discussion can be easily added to 1-on-1 agendas as action items.

💬 Discussions

Discussions are important topics that you need to reflect on or collaborate with your team on. Creating and engaging in discussions you make progress daily, even outside of Check-ins and 1-on-1s. You can create either public or private discussions. Discussions that require face-to-face conversation can be easily added to 1-on-1 agendas as talking points.

🚫 Blockers

Blockers are things to surface with your manager that are preventing you from completing your work. When you create a blocker, your manager is immediately notified so they are aware of the issue and can help unblock you as quickly as possible. Blockers are visible to both you and manager and are automatically added to your current 1-on-1 as talking points upon creation.


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