Implementation guide

You’ve decided to roll out 15Five—Congratulations! We are here to guide you in your journey towards success. This article will help you think through your upcoming 15Five rollout. What features should we start with? What settings should I care about initially? And what are my rollout options?

First: Get familiar with 15Five

1. Check out these account admin-specific video resources:

2. Determine what features you want to start with:



The features you have access to depend on the 15Five plan your organization purchased. Check out our pricing page for more information about what features are included in each plan.

Second: Plan your launch

There are two approaches to launching 15Five: a phased approach or a “big bang” approach. There isn’t a right or wrong choice here. The approach you choose depends on your company's specific scenario.

  1. Phased approach: Customers introduce the 15Five platform to their organization in phases, usually broken down by hierarchy (HR and Executives first, followed by managers, and then individuals), departments (Sales, HR, Engineering), or by geography (NY office, then LA office, or NA and then EMEA). This approach is usually favored by customers that are newer to continuous performance management.
  2. “Big Bang” approach: All employees start using 15Five at once. This approach is usually favored by customers who already have a strong continuous performance management culture. This approach may be easier on a smaller HR/learning and development department as the training and reinforcement for all employees can be done at once vs. having multiple rolling “launches” of 15Five that is common with the phased approach.
  3. Blended approach: Since every company is in a different stage of their Best-Self Journey, there is another option that is more flexible. In some cases, our customers roll out a few features of 15Five to everyone immediately, then slowly add the other features of 15Five over time. New to objectives? Try it with your executive team first before rolling it out to your departments or the whole company. New to reviews? Launch one with your department before using it with everyone else. New to check-ins? Make them lightweight and easy to fill out. There is a lot of flexibility with 15Five to meet you where you are in your Best-Self Journey.

As you prepare to launch 15Five, make sure you and your employees are aligned on the following:

  • Why are we using 15Five?
  • How will this help us do our job?
  • How are we preparing for this new platform?

Third: The Tactical

1. Configure the basics of 15Five.

2. Set up your integrations.

3. Communicate to your team that 15Five is coming.

4. Invite your people to 15Five.

  • Manually
  • In bulk through CSV Import
  • Through SCIM or HRIS automatic provisioning (click into one of our Integrations above)

5. Start using 15Five. Woo hoo!



We have apps for iOS and Android! Use it to submit your check-in, update objective progress, or engage with your people on-the-go.

Optional setup

Based on your desired feature usage, you may need to enable and set up the following features. Many of these features can be set up while your employees are already using and experiencing the benefits of 15Five. Thus, we recommend setting these up after your employees are comfortable with basic features such as Check-in and 1-on-1s.

What’s next?

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