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The 'Manage people' page is your hub to manage account and invite settings for individuals Here, you can update people's direct manager, change people's Check-in due dates, manage invites settings, deactivate/reactivate people, add vacations for people, and more. There are three tabs within the 'Manage people' page, which we'll explore in-depth in this article.

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Account admins can manage settings for anyone in their organization, and managers can manage settings for their direct reports and anyone else below them in the hierarchy.

Help Center article 💡: Bulk manage invitations

Navigate to the 'Manage people' page

  1. Click on the settings gear in the top, right-hand corner of your 15Five account.
  2. Select 'People' from the dropdown menu.
  3. You will be directed to the 'Active' tab of the 'Manage people' page. The top, 'Manage people' section of the screen will be visible from any tab you open. One capability to note here is that you can invite new individuals to 15Five one-off or in bulk (account admins only) by clicking the arrow next to Add a person in the top, right-hand corner of the screen and selecting the desired import option from the dropdown menu.

'Active' tab

Any individual in your company who has accepted their invitation to 15Five will appear in the 'Active' tab.ActivePeopleTab.png



All active accounts are billable, meaning that your company will be charged for every person that appears in the 'Active' tab. Check out our "How does adding/removing people impact billing?" Help Center article for more information.

'Active' tab capabilities:

  • Use filters to search for specific people. Use the Filter by button to filter the list of active individuals by direct manager, group, or admin status to help you find the person/people you're looking for.
  • Edit individual account settings. You can edit an individual's account settings (including updating their manager, setting a vacation, changing their Check-in due day, name, or email, or deactivating their account) by clicking on a person's name and making desired edits on their account settings page. Unless your company manages employee profiles using an HRIS or SCIM integration, you can edit most settings for your people by clicking on an individual's name.
  • Edit account settings in bulk. You can bulk change multiple individuals' direct manager or Check-in due days, bulk deactivate individuals' accounts, or bulk add vacations by checking the box next to their names, clicking the Actions button, and selecting the desired bulk action from the dropdown menu.

'Inactive' tab

The 'Inactive' tab contains all people that have been invited to 15Five but have not yet accepted their invitation. There are three sections in the 'Inactive' tab: Pending invitations, Expired invitations, and Created people.


Some things to note:

  • You will not be billed for any of these people until they become active and move out of the 'Inactive' tab and into the 'Active' tab.
  • Individuals in the 'Pending invitations' and 'Created people' sections can be added to or included in Best-Self Review® cycles, Objectives, Engagement surveys, and Groups and Smart Groups even prior to accepting their invitations.
  • If you deactivated a person's account who was once active, they will not appear here— they'll appear in the 'Deactivated' tab. You can reactivate their account from that tab.

'Inactive' tab capabilities

From the 'Inactive' tab, you can send, resend, reset, cancel invitations, as well as deactivate or force-activate accounts, either one-off or in bulk. Read more about these options in our "Bulk manage invitations" Help Center article.

Pending invitations

The 'Pending invitations' section is for people who have been added to 15Five and have either received an invite email or are queued to receive an invite email on their start date. Think of this section as "invite email is sent or queued to be sent."

In this section, you have the option to 1) resend invitations, 2) reset expiration dates, or 3) cancel invitations. 

Expired invitations

This section contains people whose invitations were either sent and not accepted within 30 days, or cancelled by an account admin or manager.

In this section, you have the option to resend a person's invitation, activate their account, or deactivate their account.

Created people

The Created people section contains includes individuals whose accounts have been created in 15Five, but who are not scheduled to receive invite emails (and, thus, who need to have invites sent to them manually). Think of this section as "invite email needs to be manually sent when ready."

In this section, you have the option to manually send individuals invite emails.

'Deactivated' tab

The 'Deactivated' tab contains all people who were once active in 15Five, but have since been deactivated— whether manually or by HRIS/SCIM.

DeactivatedPeopleTab.png'Deactivated' tab capabilities:

  • Use filters to search for specific people. Use the Filter by button to filter the list of deactivated individuals by direct manager, group, or admin status to help you find the person/people you're looking for.
  • Reactive accounts by resending an invite. Check the box next to the name(s) of individual(s) you want to resend an invite email to, then click Actions at the top of the screen and select 'Resend invitation' from the dropdown menu. Email invites will go out to these individuals immediately, and they will move to the 'Pending' section of the 'Inactive' tab.

SSO logic

If your company uses SSO to access 15Five, the following logic applies:

  • When an individual is granted permission to 15Five in your organizations Identity Provider (IdP), they are added to the 'Inactive' tab in the 'Created' section.
  • A person does not need an invite email to log into 15Five if they've already been granted access to 15Five in your IdP. They can log in by following the SSO steps in our "Sign in to 15Five" Help Center article.
  • After a person logs into 15Five via SSO the first time, they will be moved to the 'Active' tab.
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