Engagement Reverse Migration FAQs

15Five is excited to share an exciting upgrade to the user management experience for Engage (previously named Emplify) customers. Beginning on May 10th, 2024, we’re migrating the user management process from Engage to our improved 15Five platform. With this change, Admins will enjoy a suite of enhancements designed to streamline the experience and help you achieve your business outcomes, including:

In this article, we'll walk Admins through all the information you need to know to prepare for this change. If you need additional support, please reach out to our Customer Support Team.

Engagement Reverse Migration FAQs

Can I migrate my company before May 10th?

Absolutely! To do so, sign up for 15Five Office Hours using the link in the email you received notifying you of this change.

If my organization is in the midst of an active engagement survey, how will this impact me?

If you have an active survey, we will wait until it's over to migrate your organization. If you need support in the meantime, please reach out to our Support Team.

How do I log in?

On the migration date (May 10th), we will send out an invite email to all admins containing a link that will automatically log you into your 15Five account. Upon logging in, you will be prompted to create a password. Moving forward, you can log into your account using your work email and password by visiting https://my.15five.com/.



Check out our "Sign in to 15Five" article for additional options to log into your account after this initial process.

How do I give my company access & logins?

You can add users to the 15Five Platform either one-off, via bulk import, or using an integration. Check out our "Add new people" article for steps on how to achieve these tasks.

Upon being granted access to 15Five, employees can log into their accounts using their work email and password by visiting https://my.15five.com/.



If your organization uses Single-Sign-On, follow these instructions to set it up for your company.

Will we need to reconfigure our company settings?

Yes. Follow the steps in our "Configure company settings" article to set up your company account in 15Five.

How will the end-user experience change?

The employee experience for engagement surveys will not change— employees will still receive an email upon campaign launch that they can use to access and fill out engagement surveys.

With this upgrade, employees will now see Engagement in the left-hand navigation of 15Five. If your plan includes features besides Engagement, users can also access them using the main navigation.


If you prefer to limit visibility into additional features, you can disable them using the articles below:

How do I manage users in 15Five?

Previous Experience

Before this change, all employee management was done via the "Employees" tab in Engage.


New Experience

With this upgrade, employee data is managed using the "Manage People" tab (in-app link) in 15Five. To manage results access and who receives surveys, click Engagement in 15Five's main navigation and you'll be taken to the "Employees" tab within Engage.


Once employees are added to 15Five, you can make edits to employee data one-off, via bulk import, or using an integration. Check out the articles below for a closer look into each of these options:



15Five’s HRIS connector allows you to connect your company’s HRIS to 15Five with a simple setup and configuration, visibility around what data is coming over, and automatic sync every 24 hours. It’s never been easier to sync accurate, up-to-date employee data!

How do I manage groups in 15Five?

Before this change, you would use the Engage platform to manage groups. Now, you will create and manage groups in 15Five and they will be synced over to Engage.

Previous Experience

There are two types of groups in Engage: Custom Groups and System Groups. Before this change, both of these Group Types would be created and managed in Engage.

  • System Groups are specific to the Engagement feature and are automatically populated based on employee data.
  • Custom Groups can be created to separate employees into cohorts based on specific characteristics.

New Experience

Now, you will create and manage groups in 15Five and they will be synced over to Engage. System Groups will be populated based on employee data (refer to the previous FAQ to see how to manage this information). Custom Groups will be populated using Groups and Attributes in 15Five.

  • Groups can be created and managed in the "Manage groups" tab (in-app link) and allow you to create subsets of people to organize your company based on business units, departments, locations, common interests, and more. These groups can be pulled into specific features across 15Five for segmenting, reporting, and filtering.
  • Attributes can be created and managed in the "Attributes" tab (in-app link) and are labels that can be applied to employees. Attributes typically contain sensitive information— things like birthdate, ethnicity, gender, salary, and more.

As a general rule, we suggest using groups to organize people into segments that you want to be able to take action on in 15Five and that are not based on sensitive information, since group membership is public. Attributes should be utilized to organize people into segments based on sensitive data.

You can learn more about these options for organizing employee data in our "People and data management options in 15Five" article.

What resources can I use to set up my first engagement survey in the new location?

Check out our Quick-launch Guide for steps on how to launch an engagement survey.

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