What's New: HR Outcomes Dashboard June 2024 Release

Here at 15Five, we understand that working in HR can be tough. You run a performance review or engagement survey...and then what? If you don't know where to take action or how to prove the impact of your efforts, you can end up feeling lost in a maze of repetitive tactics.

Today we're excited to announce innovations that make it easier for HR Teams to take action and maximize impact - without adding more to your plate. These updates will be released to 15Five Total Platform customers on June 11th, 2024. Let's dive in!


What's New

15Five's new and improved HR Outcomes Dashboard is your command center for strategic HR. It's a one-stop shop for measuring outcomes, gathering insights, and taking actions that connect your performance management programs to your business's bottom line.


With this release, we've added exciting new functionality to the dashboard, including:

🌟 Strategic HR Action Plans

Strategic Action Plans empower HR leaders with a way to more effectively design, execute, and measure strategies that drive tangible improvements in performance, engagement, and retention.


With Action Plans, you can...

  • Create plans that target specific manager cohorts;
  • Select the metrics you want to track to measure the impact of your Action Plan— like eNPS and employee engagement drivers;
  • View recommended actions based on your organization's data in 15Five;
  • Bulk assign actions— like targeted 1-on-1 talking points and manager enablement courses— directly to managers;
  • Track how managers are progressing with assigned actions;
  • See how the progression of your Action Plan impacts outcomes within your organization
🤖 AI-synthesized recommendations

The HR Outcomes Dashboard uses responsive AI to surface tailored recommendations for action based on your existing flow of data.


🔍 Expanded filtering options

Hone in on exactly the information you need using new filtering options, including the ability to filter by demographic data, custom attributes, and engagement and performance designations.


📈 Outcome trending

See how manager effectiveness, engagement, performance, and turnover trend over time— for your organization as a whole or for specific subsets.


📊 Data visualizations

Access data visualizations that make it easy to see how your team is performing in key metrics. Explore built-in reports that connect performance management data to business impact.


The following data visualizations are available:

  • Objectives status: Shows changes in the distribution of objective status over time.
  • Performance Rating and Turnover: Shows the distribution of people who left your organization and their performance designation over time.
  • Top performers and engagement: Shows the engagement level of top performers over time.
  • Engagement: Shows the flow of active users' engagement levels over time.
  • Top performers and Pulse: Shows the trend of Pulse scores of top performers over time.
  • Pulse: Shows the Pulse score of active users over time.

How it works

Each part of the HR Outcomes Dashboard works together to tie the things your HR Team is doing to tangible results that impact your business's bottom line— at scale, through managers. Check out this video to see an example of how an HR Leader might use the dashboard:

As a general rule, we recommend using the HR Outcomes Dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Configure the HR Outcomes Dashboard to measure outcomes using data signals from 15Five— performance reviews, OKRs, engagement surveys, Check-ins & 1-on-1s, and your connected HRIS.
  2. Identify areas for improvement and see insights by groups and demographic data.
  3. Receive tailored recommendations for action based on your unique situation and data mix.
  4. Assign recommended actions to individual managers and team leaders, right in the flow of work.
  5. Track progress on assigned actions, create accountability, and showcase impact to your C-suite.

Additional enablement resources will be released on June 11th. In the meantime, keep an eye on our What's New at 15Five page for sneak peeks. 🕵️

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