High Fives: 101

This article lays out what's possible with 15Five's High Fives feature.

Who can I give high fives to?

As long as your company as @mentions enabled, it's possible to give high fives to: individuals, groups, or the entire company. You can also give high fives to external emails.

What privacy options do I have for high fives?

You can give either public (visible to everyone in the company) or private (visible only to the giver and receiver(s)) high fives. Private high fives can only be given from within Check-ins. Private high fives are not included in reporting and will not be pushed to Slack or MS Teams. It's not currently possible to give private high fives when using the mobile 15Five app.

Can I edit or delete high fives?

Yes- by following these steps. Only the author of any given high five can edit it. Either the high five author or an account admin can delete a high five.

How can I give high fives?
You can give high fives from within your Check-in, the High Fives tab, when reviewing your direct reports' Check-ins (if you're a manager), from within Slack, or from within MS Teams. Here's an article that lays out the various options for giving high fives.

What integrations can I use with high fives?

Our High Fives feature integrates with Slack and MS Teams.

What sort of data can I pull on high fives?

You can pull a custom report on high fives that includes high fives given and/or received by a select group of people over a select period of time. We also have a 'High Fives' dashboard that allows you to filter, analyze, and export High Five data.

Can I manage my company's high fives settings?

Yes! You can manage high fives settings, including where high fives can be given from, whether or not hashtags can be used, how high fives are shared, and whether or not the leadership is on/off on this page.

What else can I do with high fives?

You can include company value hashtags in high fives if your company's values have been added to 15Five. The High Fives dashboard allows you to filter by #hashtags so you can have a visual of what company values are being included.

You can also use the leaderboard to increase engagement and recognize people in a public setting. In your high fives settings, you can select whether or not you want to display a leaderboard that contains 1) trending values and/or 2) most appreciated and top High Fivers.

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