15Five Pre-Implementation Checklist

A little thought can go a long way in helping you rollout 15Five successfully. As an account administrator, the launch of 15Five can be as simple or as robust as you'd like. To help you make the decision on what features to use and how to set up your company's 15Five account, think through the following questions. Then use the insight gained to help you prepare your people for launch.


  • How often will your employees submit their Check-in? Weekly? Monthly? Bi-Weekly?

Use these articles to manage frequencies and questions for your company.

Change a 15Five reporting frequency

Getting started with questions



  • Will your employees have 1-on-1s with anyone in your company or just their managers?
  • How often will employees and managers have 1-on-1s?

Use this article to help you enable 1-on-1s with anyone. 

Enable/disable 1-on-1s with anyone


Best-Self Review

  • When is your next review cycle?
  • Will you be conducting a 360, self and manager, or peer only review?
  • How often will you be running these review cycles? Quarterly? Bi-Annually? Annually?
  • Will you be incorporating competencies and company values into your review?
  • Will different employees be involved in different review cycles, with different questions?

Use these articles to help you understand and set up Best-Self Review® for your company.

Best practices for Best-Self Review™

Manage company review settings



  • Who will be using objective/goal setting at your company?
  • Will your departments, teams, groups, individuals have objectives?
  • Do managers set objectives for their direct reports?
  • Will all your objectives/goals be public?
  • Who can create company-wide objectives?

Use these articles to help you customize Objectives for your company.

Permissions for Objectives

Make Objectives more collaborative


Inviting new people

How are we getting everyone into the system?

How is everyone getting into the system? Password or single sign-on?

Psssst. We also integrate with other softwares.


What’s next?

15Five Implementation Guide

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