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15Five is a performance management solution that delivers higher performance, retention, and engagement through managers. In this article, we'll walk through why 15Five exists and the value, features, and services we offer.

In this article, you will learn...

What is 15Five?

Our mission and purpose

15Five's mission is to help HR leaders drive results through human-centered leadership and management. Our purpose is to accelerate human-centered leadership in the world so that companies and their people can thrive.


Our approach: The HR Outcomes Flywheel

15Five's HR Outcomes Flywheel connects all the things you're doing in HR in a continuous, accelerating flywheel to improve the outcomes that matter most to your company: maximizing employee performance, increasing employee engagement, and decreasing regrettable turnover. The HR Outcomes Flywheel approach enables HR leaders — in partnership with managers — to act on measured outcomes at scale and in a way that demonstrably impacts the business. Using your own performance and engagement data, 15Five prescribes actions that are proven to achieve outcomes and quantify results, closing the measurement to action loop to drive positive outcomes for your people and your business.


The HR Outcomes Flywheel is made up of the following aspects:


What does HR need to accomplish to support our business goals?

How can HR get the credibility and buy-in it deserves? By understanding the ways to help managers and employees impact the business outcomes that matter — maximizing employee performance, increasing employee engagement, and decreasing regrettable turnover — while accurately measuring the results of their actions. 15Five's features and offerings are strategically designed to help leaders measure and deliver on these outcomes.



What’s going well and what can be improved?

Signals are the specific data points taken from across 15Five that point to patterns that impact HR outcomes in meaningful ways. In other words, they're how we measure the things that drive outcomes. Signals help you identify where your organization is strong and where there are opportunities to move things forward so you can identify the areas you need to focus on.


Traditionally, HR leaders have often had access to a lot of disjointed data spread across various platforms, making it difficult to tie together, make sense of, and take action on. 15Five collects your organization's data in the customizable HR Outcomes Dashboard and brings the measurements that matter front and center so you can make data-driven decisions. Signals include your organization's Manager Effectiveness Indicator score, Manager Competency scores, Engagement Score, Driver Scores, eNPS, Turnover score, and more from across the 15Five platform.


Where should we focus our energy?

Insights in 15Five help you identify and hone in on the highest impact areas you can focus on to impact outcomes so you can stop guessing what to do and start focusing your energy. Insights turn signals into actionable themes that create a cohesive narrative about what can be improved upon.



What should we do?

There are likely dozens, even hundreds, of different activities and tactics that your team could take to take action on insights. 15Five provides evidence-backed recommendations based on your organization's data to recommend actions that can be taken inside of 15Five to ultimately boost one or more outcomes. From here, you can choose which recommendations you want to take within your organization to drive impact.


To help with your journey, we created 5 HR Outcomes Insights playbooks to help HR leaders take our recommendations for action, get buy-in from executives, and understand best practices of these actions in 15Five:


How do we scale this across the organization through managers?

The final step is to put recommendations into practice through prescriptive actions in 15Five that help you accomplish your outcomes at scale across your organization, which is primarily done through your managers. This step of the flywheel takes you from measuring outcomes to delivering outcomes in a way that's systematic and scaleable. Oftentimes getting people to take action is challenging, but using the flywheel approach you can connect the dots to understand and explain the "why" behind these actions are important.


Managers can easily view, add, and manage actions from their people and action-oriented homepage in 15Five. This homepage serves as a single place for the actions managers need to take to be an effective manager by listing all their priorities, providing real-time insights into how their team is doing, and providing a space for facilitating asynchronous discussions with their team.

Spark AI

How do we navigate the HR Outcomes Flywheel even faster, at scale?

Spark AI is the connective tissue that helps HR Leaders and Managers navigate the HR Outcomes Flywheel even faster, at scale.


Managers all have different starting points and needs, and, in an ideal world, managers would have an expert available to them 24/7. To ensure that every manager is effective at scale, we created Spark AI to amplify manager impact and remove friction.

  • AI-synthesized Engagement insights (Available now)
    Within 15Five's Engagement feature, Spark AI allows leaders to automatically categorize and summarize open-text feedback into themes based on Engagement Drivers — saving you hours and enabling you to quickly spot where your organization needs to take action. The data gathered using AI-synthesized Engagement insights informs the "Insights" portion of the HR Outcomes Flywheel.
  • Manager Co-Pilot (Available in December 2023)
    Manager co-pilot was built to help managers identify what actions they can take in 15Five to drive outcomes within their team. Using data in 15Five, it generates a summary of how a manager's team is doing and suggests actions that will contribute to the manager's effectiveness. Keep an eye on the "What's New" section of our Help Center to be the first to know when Manager Co-Pilot is released!
  • Manager-Assisted Reviews (Available in early 2024)
    Performance reviews are essential and valuable, but they take time. With Manager-Assisted Reviews in 15Five's Best-Self Review® feature, Spark AI pulls data from across the 15Five platform to create a first draft of the manager review that managers can use as a launching point as they begin to write reviews for their direct reports. This tool helps prevent recency bias in reviews and supports more fair and equitable review cycles. Keep an eye on the "What's New" section of our Help Center to be the first to know when Manager-Assisted Reviews are released!

The HR Outcomes Flywheel has a proven success rate!

Within 30 days of adopting the HR Outcomes Flywheel, 74% of managers in early adopter organizations improved 1 or more Manager Effectiveness competency and 19% of managers improved "Intent to Stay" (retention). Additionally, 63% of TrustRadius's managers improved engagement on their team and 25% had improved performance readiness. Want to learn more? Watch the recording of our "The Big Leap: HR’s single biggest transformation and the future of 15Five" webinar 🎥

Features that drive outcomes

Every part of the 15Five platform works cohesively to drive better performance, engagement, and retention for your organization. We offer the following features, depending on which pricing plan your organization is on:


15Five's 1-on-1s feature facilitates structured meetings that prioritize alignment and engagement by guiding discussions on priorities, challenges, and progress.


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In-app link 💻: 1-on-1s


📦 1-on-1s are available in the Perform, Legacy Focus, and Total Platform pricing packages.

Best-Self Review®

15Five's Best-Self Review® facilitates a guided performance review process that focuses on performance, goals, and feedback to nurture professional growth.


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In-app link 💻: Best-Self Review® Dashboard


📦 Best-Self Review® is available in the Perform and Total Platform pricing packages.

Career Hub

15Five's Career Hub is a simple, powerful way for managers and their team members to co-create a strengths-driven career vision that keeps employees motivated and energized.


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In-app link 💻: My Career Hub


📦 Best-Self Review® is available in the Perform and Total Platform pricing packages.


15Five Check-ins replace status reports with quick employee feedback through a few questions, taking 15 minutes to fill and 5 minutes for managers to review.


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In-app link 💻: My Check-ins


📦 Check-ins are available in the Perform, Legacy Focus, and Total Platform pricing packages.


15Five's Engagement feature enables organizations to create anonymous employee surveys to measure, evaluate, and enhance employee engagement.


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📦 Engagement is available in the Engage, Legacy Perform, and Total Platform pricing packages.


15Five's Feedback feature allows employees to provide ad-hoc feedback to foster open communication, collaboration, and growth.

Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 4.43.12 PM.png

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In-app link 💻: Feedback Dashboard


📦 Feedback is available in the Perform, Legacy Focus, and Total Platform pricing packages.

High Fives

High Fives in 15Five enable employees to recognize each other's achievements and contributions through a simple and positive feedback system.


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📦 High Fives are available in the Perform, Legacy Focus, and Total Platform pricing packages.

Homepage and Profile

Your homepage in 15Five is your one-stop destination for a people-centric and action-oriented approach to managing your team and driving business outcomes. It serves as a single place for the actions you need to take to be an effective manager or employee by listing all your priorities, providing real-time insights into how your team is doing, and providing a space for facilitating asynchronous discussions with your team.


Profiles allow you to add your strengths, preferred working and feedback styles, and more so that your team knows how to best work with you (and you, them!). Within your profile, you can access 15Five's Best-Self Kickoff: a strategic meeting that aims to help employees and managers understand each other and their work needs, building a stronger working relationship. The questions discussed in the Best-Self Kickoff are science-backed and help create psychological safety in employees, as well as increase manager effectiveness: the biggest driver of employee performance, engagement, and retention.


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📦 The Homepage and Profile are available in all pricing packages.

HR Outcomes Dashboard and Manager Effectiveness Indicator

15Five’s HR Outcomes Dashboard and Manager Effectiveness Indicator (MEI) provide a reliable way for HR executives to consistently capture, synthesize, and present the outcomes they are measuring and working to improve: manager effectiveness, employee engagement, employee performance, and regrettable turnover. This allows HR leaders to show clear and concise data that directly links programs like employee learning and development to outcomes like employee retention, which can, in turn, be connected to business outcomes like customer satisfaction and revenue.


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eBook 📖: HR Outcomes Playbook: Unlocking the True Business Value of HR
In-app link 💻: HR Outcomes Dashboard
In-app link 💻: Manager Effectiveness Indicator (MEI)


📦 The HR Outcomes Dashboard and Manager Effectiveness Indicator are available in the Total Platform pricing packages.


15Five's Objectives feature provides a framework for setting, tracking, and aligning goals, enhancing clarity and focus towards achieving desired outcomes.


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In-app link 💻: Objectives Dashboard


📦 Objectives are available in the Perform, Legacy Focus, and Total Platform pricing packages.

Transform Training & Coaching

The manager-employee relationship influences nearly every aspect of the work experience and has a significant impact on engagement, performance, and retention. With that in mind, we created Transform to help you transform managers— your most critical resources— into catalysts for change so you can unlock their full power at scale.

15Five's Transform is live and on-demand training and coaching for the modern manager— designed to build effective managers, highly engaged employees, and top-performing organizations. Each course and concept is backed by evidence to help your leaders and teams thrive and perform at the same time.

Effective management is far more than what somebody does — it's about how they do it. Transform brings leadership development for managers into their workflow, helping scale effective management practices across an organization. Within the HR Outcomes Flywheel, leaders receive suggestions for courses based on organization data so relevant manager development is served up contextually and based on the needs of the moment as recommendations for areas of growth.

The following offerings are available through Transform:


Transform Microlearning is a powerful tool in 15Five that's designed to enhance manager effectiveness within the flow of work with bite-sized learning and continuous development. Microlearnings are video courses with interactive content that follow the Transform Learning Model, which is built on the fundamentals of adult learning. Microlearnings may be suggested as actions for managers to take in the HR Outcomes Flywheel.

Help Center article 💡: Learn with Transform Microlearning


📦 Microlearning is available in the Total Platform pricing package.

On-demand training

On-demand training is manager skill training from our curated course curriculum, led by 15Five's certified in-house coaches. Coming in December 2024, we're introducing Luminary Content— curated learning tracks from world-renowned academics and thought leaders whose seminal works have defined their industries— to our on-demand course curriculum. Within the HR Outcomes Flywheel, Insights will recommend courses that are relevant to your specific managers.


📦 On-demand training is available in the Transform and Transform Accelerator pricing packages.

Live coaching

We also offer live group and 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our certified in-house coaches to help managers learn or hone management skills and apply them in their everyday work.


📦 Live coaching is available in the Transform Accelerator pricing package.

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