Implementation resources

Below are resources to assist you in implementing 15Five at your organization. From email templates to helpful Help Center articles and creative ideas for launch, we've got you covered. Use the email templates to announce you're bringing 15Five to your company. Share the Help Center articles within an intranet or plug them into company emailsโ€” someplace that your employees can easily access the helpful and relatable information.

In this article, you'll find resources focused on the following topics:

Email announcement templates

Before rolling out 15Five, send an email to all employees to cover the essential introductions and expectations. Hereโ€™s an example of email templates you can use as you launch 15Five. These emails covers best practices for roles, the value proposition of 15Five, and some guidelines on how to give effective feedback. 

Employee handbook content

Add information on 15Five and the value 15Five adds to your Employee Handbook. Use text from the resources linked here to incorporate 15Five into your company's Employee Handbook. If you use an intranet to house your Employee Handbook, link to resources such as 15Five's Help Center and Academy, or simply link to the login page for your company's 15Five account.

Feature resources

Feature spotlights

Utilize the feature spotlights below to continue the education of the 15Five features after your launch. Each week, email your employees about one of the features, set expectations for how you will be using that feature at your organization, and attach the feature spotlight to provide additional clarity.

Overview articles

Feature overview articles contain valuable information about the features that 15Five offers, including best practices, key components, best practices, and resources.

Role-based resources

The links below are great to include in newsletters, your intranet, or in the email announcement introducing 15Five. 

General resources
Account Admin resources
Manager resources

General resources

Feature-specific resources

Employee resources

General resources

Feature-specific resources

Training resources
Department-specific resources

Best practices

Tap into events you hold annually at your organization to promote 15Five; there is no need to create something from scratch. Here you can see our Printable Resources and Video Resources. You are welcome to use these to assist with any rollout communication you make.

  • Incorporate 15Five into your onboarding process with our Online Help Center & videos
  • Add information on 15Five to your employee handbook
  • Link out to your 15Five login page from your Intranet
  • If you have mobility management software, such as AirWatch, you can drop 15Five into the list of pre-approved work applications
  • 'Downloads for Donuts' where if someone were to download the 15Five app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store they would receive a donut
  • Confetti High Fives for use the day of launch and throughout. You can also purchase extra confetti cartridges here
  • Use the Feature Spotlights and Jumpstart Guides linked in the Printable Resources Help Center Article in an email campaign to your organization
  • Orange balloons in the office
  • Encourage your team to bookmark the 15Five website to their browser
  • Organize a 'Lunch & Learn' or 'Happy Hour' (we have slide decks and scripts you can use for 15Five training) 
  • Some of our customers have made videos
    • Video by South Carolina Federal Credit Union on YouTube (1 min 52 sec)
    • Video/gif by You & Co on LinkedIn (17 sec)
    • Song by Hope International (38 sec)
    • High Five Recognition and winners get free lunch at South Carolina Federal Credit Union on Youtube (1 min)

Social media

Tag 15Five when you post anything related to 15Five on social. We will syndicate (like/share/favorite/ etc) your posts to help get the word out. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Strengths finder

15Five gives you space to display your strengths and aspirations. Here at 15Five, we use the Gallup Strengths Finder. There is a section within an individual's 15Five Profile (click on your avatar in the top, right-hand corner of 15Five) where they can input the results of their strengths tests. Find more information on Strengths Discovery from our blog post, "The Missing Part of Your Employee Learning and Development Strategy: Strengths Discovery."

Best-Self Management

Best-Self Management is a revolutionary philosophy to grow and develop your employees.

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