What to expect: I'm an HR Admin

HR admins in 15Five (sometimes referred to as Engagement Admins) have the same permissions as Account Admins, plus the ability to view and manage employee demographic information, create and manage engagement campaigns, and view all engagement survey results.




Only Account admins can be appointed as HR admins. Learn how to make someone an HR admin.

Resources for new HR admins

As a new admin, you may be wondering where to begin. The resources below will help you get up-to-speed on 15Five and your new role.

💡 Help Center Resources

Our Help Center contains overview, technical how-to, and strategic articles and videos to help you make the most of 15Five. Some of the articles that you may find most helpful as a new admin are:

🎓 15Five Academy

15Five’s Academy is a series of on-demand courses that help Admins, Managers, and Employees get up and running in 15Five through short, impactful multimedia lessons. Each lesson delivers a mix of short videos, written content, and knowledge checks to help account admins maximize their 15Five journey. Sign up now.

🎥 Live and On-demand Trainings

Our Product Training Team hosts live training sessions that walk admins through the ins and outs of 15Five. Register for upcoming trainings or access on-demand trainings now.

👩‍💻 Contact Support

Our stellar Support team is here to answer your product questions, troubleshoot issues with your account, and help you make the most of 15Five. 

  Support hours

We are online to help you Monday-Friday from 9AM-8PM EST/6AM-5PM PT. Our Support Team aims to respond to all tickets within 24 hours on normal business days.

There are three ways to open a ticket with our Support Team:

  1. Email your question to support@15five.com
  2. Click on Support in the bottom, right-hand corner of the Help Center
  3. Click the orange bubble in the bottom, right-hand corner of your 15Five account and select the "Contact Support" option

Please include a brief description of your issue and any relevant context, links, or screenshots.

Role permissions

Besides the permissions granted to Account Admins, HR Admins have additional permissions for engagement campaigns and demographic attributes.

Engagement campaigns

15Five's Engagement feature is a tool that allows leaders to survey employees about how engaged they are. Data-rich insights with built-in AI makes it easy for leaders to quickly identify trends in results and spot opportunities for improvement, identify areas of celebration, and inform future initiatives to drive engagement.

Create and manage engagement campaigns

HR Admins have Engagement Admin permissions by default, meaning they can create engagement campaigns and make edits to existing campaigns.


View all results for an engagement campaign

HR Admins have Engagement Admin permissions by default. This means they have full results access for engagement campaigns (in other words, they can view all organization results).


Demographic attributes

Demographic Attributes are used to bring in more sensitive employee data that doesn't exist in 15Five by default: Birth date, Ethnicity, Gender, Race, & Salary. Enabling and populating Demographic Attributes allows HR admins to report on key employee trends through the lens of their workforce’s demographics, which is critical to helping people leaders uncover and address problems within their company before they become too big to solve.

Enable/disable demographic attributes

HR admins will see the ability to enable demographic attributes in company feature overview settings:


Turning this toggle on causes Demographic Attributes (Birth date, Ethnicity, Gender, Race, & Salary) fields to appear on users' account settings pages.

Populate demographic attributes

HR admins can populate demographic attributes for employees via bulk import or using an HRIS integration.

See which demographic attributes are assigned to a user

If demographic attributes are enabled, HR admins can see demographic attributes on users' account settings pages:




Only HR Admins and the employee themselves can view an employee's demographic attributes.

Filter Check-ins reporting by demographic attributes

HR admins can filter the 'Submitted Check-ins' and 'Reviewed Check-ins' reports by demographic attribute.


Help Center article 💡: Check-ins: Reviewed Check-ins report
Help Center article 💡: Check-ins: Submitted Check-ins report

Filter performance review results by demographic attributes

HR admins can filter Company Results by demographic data (including Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Salary, Age, and Tenure) to uncover any potential areas that might need a closer look. This allows HR to approach the subject objectively, with a data-driven approach, and save hours from manually cross-comparing data.

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